The Moser and Merlot Black Jewelry Armoire

Posted On: June 22, 2016 - By William Jones
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Managing the stuffs in the interior design will produce the best appearance of your room. Then, there are several choices of the items that you can take. In that relation, you have to put black jewelry armoire in your first searching list. Often a decade, the black jewelry of the armoire is announced as the popular item to replace the position of the cupboard.

 The Moser Jewelry

This is surely reasonable since the designs of Black jewelry armoire, the patterns, and the motifs are expressed the valuable and the glamour senses. In addition, the shapes look like strong because of the solid matter and it reminds the multiple purposes. As the example, the black Moser jewelry armoire with the mirror is the beginning for the best place on the living room.

Specifically, black jewelry armoire has the overall size: 42.75inches for H x 18 inches for W x 10.5inches for D and the 66lbs for W. On the front part, there are eight drawers with the beautiful handle hands with the classic motif. Uniquely, the top part is added with the mirror and the identical color of the frame. You can fold it without any worrying that it will fall because it is pinned with the hinged metal. The last thing is the bottom part; it is directly to the floor without any legs. On that way, you have to be carefully during moving it because the floor is possible to get some scratches.

 The Merlot Jewelry

For the other examples, it is called the Merlot jewelry armoire. Similarity to the previous example, it has the same color and the size. Yet it does not have any classical pattern and the motif. As the result, the features on the texture are flat and smooth. In addition, black jewelry armoire has the handle drawers as like as the button with white color in the middle systematically.

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19 Photos of the The Moser and Merlot Black Jewelry Armoire

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